ICT PROSE Survey of Forge Platform Requirements

The purpose of this questionnaire is to ascertain the requirements of a hosted source forge for EC funded ICT projects. This questionnaire is provided by the PROSE project and will assist in the definition of the PROSE platform for hosting Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects, a tool which will be made available to all projects under FP7 and can assist in the development and release process of project software results.

Welcome to the ICT PROSE "Forge Platform Requirements" survey.

The ICT PROSE project is developing detailed specifications for a software repository forge platform which can be used by EC funded ICT projects. In order to plan its continuous implementation through to 2014, we would like to understand more about your intentions for using a forge platform and the types of features that should be available via the forge.

While the platform has been defined at OpenSourceProjects.eu we are aware that not all of the technical details for the forge are available, and so from what you know of similar systems, we would like you to provide an indicative response to the questions of this survey.

All individual responses will be considered confidential however ICT PROSE may use a summary of results in future presentations to the EC ICT community.

If you have any questions about ICT PROSE you can contact us at http://www.ict-prose.eu/contact/


There are 28 questions in total, but 80% of the questions are optional, you may just hit the "Next" button at the end of each page to move to the next page.

There are 28 questions in this survey.
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