PROSE at the ICT Collaboration Event


PROSE at the ICT Collaboration Event
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The PROSE project participated in the ICT Collaboration event which took place in Brussels on the 16/10 and 17/10. PROSE was represented in the plenary session as well as on the parallel meeting, with the co-organization of a session on Open Source. The public report of the meeting has recently been published by the European Commission. The full report is publicly available: Internet of Services Collaboration Event 2012 Report.

PROSE was represented through a plenary presentation (PROSE Overview Presentation at IoS 2012) outlining the PROSE project and potential collaboration bridges, delivered by Alfredo Matos. Also participating where  Miguel Ponce de Leon, Timo Mustonen and Diogo Gomes, all PROSE partners which participated in the meeting. There was also a complementary PROSE poster in the networking area. The ICT event was a good opportunity for networking and establishing bridges between projects, especially in the open source area, which was well represented by a strong participation of the different projects from call 8, including projects like OSSMETER, MARKOS or SUCRE.

PROSE also participated in the organization of an parallel session entitled “Open Source Development Methodologies and Outcomes”, co-chaired by Alfredo Matos.  The most important conclusion from the session was that running a successful FLOSS project requires several tools, and also a large amount of commitment and effort to achieved a successful outcome. In fact, it does not only require tools, but actions oriented towards the creation of an entire ecosystem. Therefore, it is necessary to have the tools upfront to provide a smoother entry for ICT projects into building the ecosystem. The major requirements on the tools are the already mentioned source code repositories, issue management, wikis, forums, and mailing lists, all of which are within the road map of PROSE, towards ICT projects. PROSE can assist by providing the necessary information and tools for running successful FLOSS projects from an ICT perspective, provide a starting point for project like ALERT or OSSMETER, and the infrastructure, for projects like SOCIETIES. With the right tools, information and ecosystem around ICT FLOSS, projects are empowered to develop quality and sustainable FLOSS projects. The full Session Report is available for download from the PROSE Resources page.

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PROSE will contribute to the adoption of open source software on ICT projects, by increasing the lifetime of the software developed inside European projects and thus maximizing impacts. This will be achieved through the creation of a coordination platform for hosting software projects, as well as promoting dissemination and training events on Open Source topics.